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Zeros and ones: Estate planning for your digital assets and accounts

Nearly everyone owns at least some digital assets, such as online bank and brokerage accounts, bill-paying services, cloud-based document storage, digital music collections, social media accounts, and domain names. But what happens to these assets when you die or if you become incapacitated? The answer depends on several factors, including…

Don’t overlook securities laws when planning your estate

For a variety of estate planning and asset management purposes, many affluent families hold their assets in trusts, family investment vehicles or charitable foundations. If assets held in this manner include interests in hedge funds, private equity funds or other “unregistered” securities, it’s important to ensure that the entity is…

One Trust, Two Trusts, Three Trusts, More?

Is it better to have one trust for all of a couple’s assets (community, husband’s separate and wife’s separate) versus three separate trusts? This is a major structural issue that must be decided before drafting a couple’s estate planning documents can begin. It depends. The answer may depend on the…



Virginia Ryan

Virginia Ryan

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Virginia Ryan is a business law and estate planning attorney located in Grass Valley, California….

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