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Virginia Ryan

Virginia Ryan

Attorney At Law

Ms. Virginia Ryan is a business law and estate planning attorney located in Grass Valley, California. She counsels clients…

Legal Services

Legal Services

Business Law & Estate Planning

Corporate & LLC Formation – Business Agreements – Sale of a Business – Angel & Venture Capital Financings –…

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Which Power of Attorney is Right For Your Situation?

What’s the difference between the two types of power of attorney? When drafting your estate plan, you and your attorney must account for what happens to your children and your assets after you die. But your plan must also spell out your wishes for making financial and medical decisions if…

Assets with sentimental value require extra planning

When planning your estate, you’re likely focused on major assets, such as real estate, investments and retirement plans. But it’s also important to “sweat the small stuff” — your tangible personal property. Examples include jewelry, antiques and photographs. These personal items — which often have modest monetary value but significant…

You Have Options when Addressing Life Insurance in your Estate Plan

Life insurance has long provided a source of liquidity to pay estate taxes and other expenses. But, with the estate tax exemption currently set at an inflation-adjusted $10 million ($11.40 million for 2019), estate taxes are no longer a concern for many families. Nonetheless, life insurance offers many benefits for nontaxable estates….

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